Dr. Felicia Otchet
Dr.  Felicia Otchet

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Dr. Otchet provides assessments for treatment purposes.  Dr. Otchet provides intervention in both individual and group formats for adults presenting with a wide range of mental health and health problems.  Both short and long term therapy are available.  Virtual (online) services are also available for people receiving services while in Ontario.


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260 Ferndale Avenue, Lower
London, Ontario  N6C 5K6


Phone:  519-630-1863

Fax:    226-330-0224

E-mail: fotchet@hotmail.com

Contact Us Today!

If you have been booked at the Ferndale location, the office is located at the corner of Ferndale Avenue and Highview Avenue East.  Please enter through the gate off of the Highview driveway, into the vestibule just to your right, and proceed down the stairs.  Please take a seat in the waiting room and Dr. Otchet will know to look for you at your appointment time.


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