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Details and Directions

Most extended health insurance plans accepted.  NIHB, WSIB, Victims' Compensation, VAC/Blue Cross, and many private health insurance policies may cover psychological assessment and/or treatment services.  It is in your best interest to check with your insurer in advance to determine how much service is covered by your plan and if your plan requires a physician referral for coverage.  Dr. Otchet is considered a "registered" or "licensed" psychologist for insurance purposes.

Dr. Otchet will offer in-person services provided there are no subsequent public health emergency declarations.  Dr. Otchet will also continue to offer virtual care.  Think Research's Virtual Care is the platform being used by the office.  It is free to people receiving service, but requires the use of the internet (Google Chrome) and a private space, located in Ontario, from which you can use it.  Currently, it is also possible for Dr. Otchet to work with clients in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and New Brunswick using telepsychology.

The office is located at 260 Ferndale Avenue, Lower, which is on the corner of Ferndale Avenue and Highview Avenue.  There is a bus stop on LTC bus Route 93 that is located right in front of the office.  If you drive, there is a driveway on Highview on which you may park, though street parking is also usually available (please just be mindful of the bus stop directly in front of the building).  There is a gate off of the driveway on Highview Avenue with signage.  Once you've gone through that gate, there is a vestibule just to the right.  Please enter and go down the stairs.  Have a seat in the casual waiting room and Dr. Otchet will know to look for you at the time of your appointment.

Please note that there will be construction on Highview Avenue East in the summer of 2024.  The bus stop may be temporarily relocated.  Please check the LTC website for updates.  If you are unable to park on Highview Avenue East, please park on the south side of Ferndale Avenue.  Feel free to use the other driveway on Ferndale Avenue if it is empty or if you are blocking in a white Honda CRV.  Thank you and our apologies for any inconvenience.


260 Ferndale Avenue, Lower
London, Ontario  N6C 5K6


Phone:  519-630-1863

Fax:    226-330-0224

E-mail: fotchet@hotmail.com

The office is located at 260 Ferndale Avenue, Lower, the corner of Ferndale Avenue and Highview Avenue East.  Please enter through the gate off of the Highview driveway, into the vestibule just to your right, and proceed down the stairs.  Please take a seat in the waiting room and Dr. Otchet will know to look for you at your appointment time.


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