Dr. Felicia Otchet
Dr.  Felicia Otchet

Covid 19 / Wait List Information



May 14, 2020

Our office is aware that it was announced today that restrictions will be lifted by the Province of Ontario on the ability to provide in person psychological services.  However, because Dr. Otchet is still redeployed at the hospital to a position in which she is in contact with dozens of hospital patients and staff each day, she is not comfortable providing any psychological services in person at this time.  When she is again permitted to return to her usual position at the hospital, in which she is exposed to far fewer people, she will begin to gradually offer a limited number of in person appointments in private practice, beginning with patients who already have files open with the clinic but who have been unable to use phone or virtual services during the pandemic.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, as we know that many of you are eager to resume in person services.  Please feel free to be in touch if you have any additional questions or concerns.  



March 17, 2020

Covid-19 has obviously impacted all of us in Ontario.  At the present time, people are being asked to stay at home if they are not feeling well and to limit the amount of contact that they have with others.  Dr. Otchet is offering the option to have appointments by phone or using online videoconferencing with patients located in Ontario using the Virtual Care platform. 


If you are interested in this online/virtual option, please check with your insurer (if applicable) to make sure that they will fund psychological intervention provided this way.  In order to meet virtually, you will need to use a computer with a camera and microphone or a cell phone with wifi or data to do this.  Aside from your device and internet, there will be no additional charges to patients to meet virtually.  However, Dr. Otchet will need to book the appointment in advance and you will have to join Virtual Care's secure system.  Please contact Dr. Otchet if you are interested in this option.  Dr. Otchet would also be open to postponing your visit until the State of Emergency lapses.




Waiting List

There is currently a substantial waiting list for new patients. When we are no longer physically distancing ourselves, we will return to our usual in person format for psychological intervention.  Please call to be placed on the waiting list.

Dr.Felicia Otchet

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